Nigeria Operationalizes National Financing Framework for Sustainable Development

Nigeria Operationalizes National Financing Framework for Sustainable Development

We helped develop a tool for Nigeria to strengthen its planning processes and overcome impediments to financing sustainable development. 

Africa is at the nexus of climate change, yet many of its countries struggle to generate and access financing for sustainable development. The COVID-19 pandemic and war between Ukraine and Russia exacerbated this situation. Momentus (formerly IFCL) created the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF) to bridge the SDG financing gap across the globe. The tool helps countries strengthen planning processes and overcome existing impediments to financing sustainable development at the national and state level.

UNDP engaged Momentus to draft the INFF for Nigeria. We developed the INFF financing strategy and framework and aligned it to the broader national development plans of the country, ensuring alignment with its SDG priorities. Our work highlighted and streamlined the domestic and international financing sources that are available to the country for meeting its SDGs.

We leveraged stakeholder engagement, extensive desk research, and our expert analysis to produce an actionable guide of initiatives for the country to implement. The governance and coordination mechanisms we provided helped identify priorities and adapt operational tools to support implementation.

Our work provided the government of Nigeria with a clear road map for financing its development goals through innovative initiatives that go beyond traditional official development assistance (ODA) and taxes

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