In addition to expert advisory services, Momentus supports catalysts of global development with innovative tools and capacity-building resources:

Centre of Excellence for National Development Banks (CENDB)

The central knowledge hub for development finance! CENDB is a collaborative venture between Momentus and its partners to offer innovative capacity building courses that address the real needs of National Development Banks.


Health Diagnostic Tool (HDT) for Development Banks

More than 20 years of global experience supporting Development Banks (NDB) at your fingertips. This comprehensive tool assists NDBs to measure and benchmark their performance against six key best-practice dimensions and against peer organizations.

Using the tool, your NDB can:

  • Understand and share your bank’s impact
  • Set goals and track improvement in your performance
  • Collaborate across the bank
  • Learn at every step

The tool covers the dimensions of Policy, Corporate Governance, Development, Operational Performance, Financial Performance, and Sustainability.

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More to Come

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