Diana Smallridge,
President & CEO

Diana is one of the world’s leading experts in designing models to ensure global development initiatives can be resourced and realized.
Diana Smallridge
I want to make sure the world’s to-do list (the SDGs) can be financed."

- Diana Smallridge, President & CEO

She founded Momentus—then International Financial Consulting Ltd. (IFCL)—in 2000 to follow her passion for helping the catalysts of global development – including Public Development Banks, Export Credit Agencies, and Development Finance Institutions – be more strategically and operationally relevant. The practice has expanded to serve private industry, agencies, foundations, and funds with public-policy mandates.

Diana is the author of countless industry publications including co-author of the award-winning 2022 International Chamber of Commerce white paper on Sustainability in Export Finance. On behalf of IFCL, she received the award from the Association of DFIs of Asia Pacific (ADFIAP) for Best Human Capital Development Project in 2018 for the institutional development project with Uganda Development Bank Ltd.

In 2019, Diana was selected as an Inspirational Woman in Trade Finance. She began her career at Export Development Canada and holds an MA in Economics from Queens University (Kingston, Ontario). As comfortable on an airplane as she is in a conference room or in a forest, you may meet Diana in one of her many worldwide speaking or facilitation engagements.

Diana is fluent in English and French.

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