International Financial Consulting Becomes Momentus

International Financial Consulting Becomes Momentus


International Financial Consulting Ltd.

International Financial Consulting Ltd. Announces Rebrand

International Financial Consulting Ltd. will rebrand to Momentus Global Development Ltd., to reflect their market position in development finance and the next phase of their business.

Vancouver, Canada. International Financial Consulting Ltd. (IFCL), a global consultancy focused on strengthening financial institutions to realize their full potential as economic catalysts of sustainable development, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The rebrand to Momentus reflects the way the company has grown in recent years and alignment with significant shifts in the world of development finance.

Over the past 23 years, as a business, IFCL has seen significant changes and transformation in the world that has resulted in their growth. This accelerated pace of change in response to climate change, global inequality, new technologies and the rise of new development actors among other factors, has increased the complexity.

The company’s changes are reflected in its new name, Momentus, as well as its new logo and website that will all work with its growing business model to provide “strategies for real-world impact.”

“The SDG funding gap is now estimated at around $4 trillion annually. And yet, few national development plans have financing strategies, and key financial players – official finance and private finance – continue to operate in silos. The resources are there to create the world we want but the alignment and coordination is still lacking,” said CEO and Founder, Diana Smallridge. “We provide the unique perspective in working with our clients to combine our understanding of the resource potential from both the international and domestic sources of financing and make the link to public and private sources of financing. We facilitate financing across these ranges of financing players and instruments.”

She noted that the rebranding also marks a bolder approach the business is taking in diversifying and scaling up their work, the solutions and approaches they are developing, and the strength of the team. New services include the Centre of Excellence of National Development Banks (CENDB) for training and capacity building, and the Health Diagnostic Tool (HDT) to assess the health of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs).

“Our former name did not capture the need for momentum this decade in all areas of development. The name Momentus reflects the energy and passion we bring,” Smallridge said.

Visit, to explore the new website, brand, and services.

About Momentus

At Momentus, we enable catalysts of global development to conceive, design, and strengthen their financing initiatives. For more than two decades, our clients have trusted us to provide the support they need to excel.

We provide strategies for Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), National Development Banks (NDBs), Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), as well as Private Financial Intermediaries, Agencies, Foundations, and Funds.

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